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Whistl approved as a UK Customs Clearance Agent

September 2021

The experienced Whistl team at our International Gateway ensure a seamless import experience, into the UK. 

Our aim is simple: To take the complexity out of customs, moving imported goods smoothly through to their final destination. 

Michael Boulton, Managing Director International

Whistl, the UK's leading logistics specialists in e-fulfilment, contact centres, mail, and parcels, and been approved by the UK’s Border Force and HMRC to become a Customs Clearance Agent.

The company is now able to offer general cargo solutions by air, sea, road and rail clearance for mail and parcels entering the UK and has appointed a dedicated Customs Clearance Manager and support team. The experienced team is based at Whistl’s International Gateway, near Heathrow airport.

Through one point of contact, Whistl is now able to offer customers direct a full end-to-end solution from export destination to final mile delivery.  It includes full customs clearance for international freight into the UK; devanning of sea and road containers; reconciliation and handover to final mile carrier; re-labelling and re-working of customer freight; and simple payment and invoicing options.

As part of the International Gateway, Whistl is also able to offer an External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF) for goods that may be placed into storage prior to being placed under a customs procedure or re-exported. This facility is available to freight forwarders, customs agents, warehouse keepers, and transport companies.

Whistl, through a collaboration with a third party, began offering a seamless customs clearance service in 2020 for mail and parcel customers who operate internationally. Due to the exponential growth in Whistl’s international activity, the company decided to take the whole service in-house to enable it to meet its ambitious expansion plans.

Summary of Customs Clearance Solutions:

  • Full customs clearance for international freight into the UK
  • Devanning of sea and road containers
  • Fulfilment and storage including re-working and re-labelling if required
  • External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF) under customs procedures if necessary 
  • Reconciliation and handover to the final-mile delivery carrier

The UK's trading relationship with the rest of the world is evolving and it has never been more important for customers to have a seamless import experience into the UK.  As the logistics specialist in international e-fulfillment, mail, and parcels, Whistl is best placed to help our customers navigate this increasingly complex arena

Nick Wells | CEO Whistl

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