In-home Product Sampling

We worked with Yushoi and our doordrop media partner Whistl to devise a highly targeted shopper campaign that maximised impact and appeal.

Paul McGann, Managing Partner - Brass

Why In Home Product Sampling

The tactile nature of product delivery means sampling campaigns create a strong emotional engagement with the recipient.

By delivering a brand experience to your consumers, in the comfort of their own homes, will encourage them along the purchasing path to buy your product.

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OVO Energy encourages app downloads through intelligent doordrop

Grow your market share with in-home product sampling, the smart way to reach consumers and create a memorable brand experience.

Advantages of in-home sampling

Unsure of the number of items you need to deliver to achieve your campaign objectives? Whistl provides full support throughout the campaign planning. By applying industry-leading targeting tools and techniques, we create the best delivery schedule to reach your audience.

Defining, refining and verifying your target audience at each stage, to ensure each product reaches consumers with a high propensity to buy and engage with your brand.

Getting your brand into the hands of potential consumers

By putting the product directly into consumers’ hands with an experiential campaign, you will build awareness, trial and likelihood to buy all in one easy step. Resulting in better sales, loyalty and profits. With more brands and advertisers seeking consumers attention and weekly spend, our in home sampling techniques can make a difference to your marketing budget and return on investment.

In home Sample ideas

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