Benefits of High Volume Deliveries

November 2018

High volume, whether mail or parcels, provide a number of benefits for businesses that have a regular, high frequency output. A rapid rise in ecommerce sales that has resulted in a growth for parcel delivery services, especially thanks to the popularity of dropshipping, has further propelled high volume or sometimes coined ‘bulk’ parcel deliveries as an efficient solution.

Sending high volume items as one delivery, in bulk can make a lot of sense for all sorts of businesses, whether it’s arranging a high volume of parcel deliveries to customers or important documents to clients. There are many reasons why you should consider bulk mail and parcel delivery for your company.

A Cost-Effective Option

The main reason most businesses change their working model in any way is for a more cost-effective approach. Rather than arranging deliveries of mail or parcels on an individual, piecemeal basis that involves paying different distributors, couriers and other intermediaries different amounts, doing so in bulk results in just one cost.

You may think it possible to find the cheapest costs for each of these individual processes and that will result in the lowest cost. However, there might be many hidden charges, booking fees and more that soon up the overall price. Having all your delivery costs in one place makes budgeting and relationship building much easier. This is important for companies that may be running on a tight cash flow and for sorting out predicted incomings and outgoings.  

Simple Distribution Management

Managing a large amount of deliveries can be quite a task depending on the size of your business. While having a lot of customers and orders is excellent news, you need to make sure that you can effectively cope with such demand. Sending items as one ‘in bulk’ with one account manager can greatly simplify this process.

From picking and packaging items to arranging the final mile delivery, the more people involved, the greater the chance of something going wrong or causing a hold-up. Working with one business delivery partner that can manage your delivery requirements can minimise this risk, with your key account manager becoming an extension of your business. This can be key to building a strong relationship and having transparent KPIs. This one business partner can aid in simplifying communication, so if there are any issues you can adapt in time, to inform customers.  

In a similar vein, this is reflected in the growth of fulfilment services that offer an all-in-one solution. Not only can this be highly cost-effective, but it makes many stages of distribution and delivery management a lot smoother, saving more time that can be reinvested into your business to propel further growth and be spent on other tasks dedicated to your business.

Flexible Delivery Choice

Bulk deliveries can be useful for different sizes organisations from the regular eBay seller who has started a business from home, to large companies looking to expand their product range into a new overseas market. The flexibility of other delivery tracking options can still be applied to suit specific requirements.

Whistl offer a number of services make it easy for your all of your business deliveries, these include mail items, packets or even parcels, which can all be collected as a single collection, taken to our distribution centres, sorted if needed and transported to their destination, which can be worldwide. All you need to do is worry about booking in the right amount, day and time and we do the rest.

Get started with Whistl to arrange your bulk mail or parcel delivery within the UK and overseas for a cost-effective, efficient and reliable delivery service.

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