Mail and the Customer Journey

May 2021

All advertising channels have their place in the media mix; TV drives brand awareness, email is great for quick updates and social media creates interactive engagement.

Direct Mail can strategically benefit the customer journey and integrated alongside other media channels, mail can improve your opportunity to deliver maximum value to your audience.

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Brand Awareness: 30% of consumers who saw mail first had 30% more dwell time on social media

Recall: 87% Of people consider mail to be believable, compared to 48% for email

Purchase: 25% of people who bought or ordered as a result of receiving mail in the past 12 months

Impressionable: 70% said mail gives them a better impression of the company that sent it

Mail Acquistion Stats.PNG

Customer Value and Retention

  • 75% of Business Mail stays in the home for over 4 weeks and is revisited an average of 5 times
  • 31% of addressed advertising mail results in a commercial action
  • 63% find it easier to browse a printed catalogue rather than going online or instore
  • 16% of delivered mail is shared with another person
  • 70% of customers say mail makes them feel valued as a customer

Mail Customer stats.PNG

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