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What is the UPU and what regulations are changing?

September 2019

Who are The Universal Postal Union?
The Universal Postal Union was established in 1874 and is a United Nations agency, responsible for the coordination of all postal policies among its 192 member nations, in addition to the worldwide postal system. 

What are the changes?

  • Any international item containing goods must have a unique S10 barcode attached
  • Customs data must be declared electronically against the S10 barcode, where items contain goods. 

What items are effected?
This mandatory requirement being enforced by the UPU, must be declared for all untracked international items, which have an intrinsic value. This includes samples, e-commerce items and large letters and packets.

How are postal authorities responding to the change?
Electronic customs data is becoming standard practice, however there is a differing pace of adoption across the globe. This change in adoption is based on each country's postal authority and their access to systems, technology and implementation of new processes. 

International InSight from Whistl is designed to get your international items delivered. 
Whistl have shown our commitment to our customers and have developed a brand new solution, International InSight to meet this industry wide requirement. When shipping internationally with Whistl, your business will continue to reach your customers, with their items no matter where they live. International Insight, is Whistl’s integrated shipping solution that will make it easier for businesses and online sellers to send goods overseas, and comply with the new Universal Postal Union (UPU) legislation.


  • Meets the requirements of the UPU legislation change 
  • Ensures custom clearance in the receiving country 
  • One point of contact 
  • Dedicated account management and support throughout the process
  • Benefits of multi-carrier solution, with different postal authorities in each country
  • No need to translates each countries approach the UPU requirement

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One of the big benefits of our new International Insight system is that it will help sellers ensure their international shipments meet all the requirements for electronic customs pre-advice, barcoding which should help prevent any delays. What’s more, with access to more accurate, item-specific information on every shipment, sellers will be able to answer customers’ queries more efficiently. It certainly makes life easier, saving a lot of time on administration and increasing visibility on both part-tracked and fully-tracked services so that everything runs smoothly from collection right through to delivery.

Jen Rufus, Head of Product Development

How International InSight from Whistl meets the UPU requirements.

Whistl have created a simple barcoded label, where all of the required elements can be met. Whistl’s dedicated account managers make the whole process easy for our customers by managing the complex sortation and integration challenges, as standard within the operational process. 

Example Whistl Label:

Whistl UPU Label Example.JPG

Whistl’s International InSight solution is designed to support small and large business deliveries. With investment in our new Carrier Management System earlier this year, Whistl have ensured this solution is supported by a range of integration options and a powerful suite of API’s.  

Whistl are always looking to improve and enhance our services, reflecting market place changes and making business deliveries easier, for our clients. 

If your business is looking to ship items internationally and you are not yet a Whistl customer, please complete our enquiry form and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements. 

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