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Outsourced Contact Centre Services For Telecoms

Outsourced Contact Centre Services

Enhance your customers' experience with outsourced contact centre solutions tailored to meet the demands of the fast-paced telecommunications industry.

Why outsource your contact centre?

Operating in the telecommunications sector, your business and residential customers are most likely to look to make contact with your business via the telephone or online through web chat or the internet aligned to the services they are buying from you. With better connectivity and improved digital technology, consumers today have more control over how they interact with each other and business.

With an increase in ‘smart home devices’, pocket-sized personal Wi-Fi hotspots, and major improvements within public transport infrastructures, UK homes and residents have the option to be online almost all day, every day and are likely to expect efficient responses when they have a question or query on these devices or services.

How to improve your call handling service

Keeping your customers happy

In a highly competitive industry, customer service should be your organisations top priority, to acquiring and keeping your existing customer base loyal. In a recent research-based study we found 42% of all our respondents had called a telecommunication company within the last week and almost half of the responders have stopped using a TV, Media, Telecommunication or Internet provider due to poor customer service, in the past.

Whistl help keep your customers happy and loyal by offering bespoke contact centre solutions tailored uniquely to your business and your customers' needs. We work with you to ensure your customers receive professional and seamless customer service, to improve their trust and loyalty, so you can continue to focus on your industry sector position. 

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Whistl works with your business to understand your challenges and looks to improve your customer service levels. Our contact centre services focus on providing the highest standards of customer support. Our trained call agents can be briefed to manage your incoming enquiries or just deal with technical queries that arise with the customers' systems.

Benefits of outsourcing your contact centre

Outsourcing your customer calls and customer service needs provides a range of functional and financial benefits fo telecommunication businesses, of all sizes. By outsourcing you can:

  • Remove fixed employment and training costs
  • Reduce IT and infrastructure costs by taking advantage of our systems
  • Increase your business's flexibility and scale
  • Increase your operating capacity by transferring all or selected contacts to us
  • Extend your opening hours or customer services support hours

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Whistl's Telecommunication Contact Centre Services

With our outsourced customer services, we can provide fully tailored solutions for your business needs. We know that your residential and wholesale customers or technical partner calls are critical to your business. Whistl takes the pressure off your internal teams and staff, so they can focus on their core responsibilities while we look after your calls and multi-contact methods such as web chat or emails.

Examples of our telecommunication contact centre services can include:

  • Activation and Disconnects
  • Billing Support
  • Fixed Line Telephone Queries 
  • General Customer Support
  • Internet Support Services (broadband and WiFi)
  • Mobile Operator Support 
  • New Customer Registrations 
  • Product Orders and Dispatching
  • Relationship Management
  • Technical Support
  • Telesales (Inbound and Outbound) Support
  • Television support for (Cable and Satellite)
  • Wireless support services for devices

Whistl's Contact Centre agents work as an extension of your business, we deal with your customers and contacts professionally to ensure unrivalled customer service excellence. 

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Dedicated Contact Centre

We can create a dedicated telecommunications team of call centre agents to navigate calls from customers or your patients. We work as an extension to your own team, fully trained to provide the right level of service for your business needs.

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Out of Hours Call Handling

Outsource calls and queries for those specific hours where your teams are typically busy and calls are often missed or extend your hours of customer services or manage staffing levels during holiday periods.

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Data Handling Support

We can provide key customer insights with customer survey services, contact data update services. We can even book, confirm or manage appointments for product servicing. Our team is GDPR and PCI compliant in all data and call handling.

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DRTV Call Centre

Marketing campaign periods can be challenging to manage, with the invariability of the call demand against the campaign objectives. Whistl supports your business and each campaign, wherever you advertise, tracking campaign and conversion performance and ensuring your media campaigns deliver results.


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Technical Support

Increase the technical support available to your customers by outsourcing some or all of these calls to Whistl, We work closely with your business to ensure our call agents are trained to understand the customer's issues and determine how and if they can be fixed, to roll out specific technical services and solutions on your behalf.

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Overflow Call Handling

Have your calls exceeded the capacity of your in-house call handling team? Or do you need to add further flexibility to handle peak periods of the day? Whistl offers a daily contact handling capacity as your trusted overflow partner. Our flexible teams can manage the calls that are not currently being answered effectively

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