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Introducing Mailmark™

April 2014

Mailmark™ allows businesses consignment level tracking of their mail through the Royal Mail network. The service provides more visibility of mail performance and transparency.

By applying a new type of barcode to your mail piece, you will be able to track where your mail is within the Royal Mail network, giving you complete visibility and insight. You’ll be able to find out when your mail arrives for better planning. This is a great benefit for any business wishing to follow up on mail sent out.

Benefits of Mailmark

The core feature of Mailmark is the ability to report on the performance of mail. With its web-based reporting, you can see a detailed overview of delivery performance including:

  • Consignment level visibility and CSV download
  • A better understanding of delivery performance
  • An improved responsiveness to mail pieces not processed or any of poor quality
  • Configurable e-Manifest – you can add additional information into your e-Manifest



If you are a Whistl Down Stream Access (DSA) customer and would like to find out more then get in touch with your Account Manager today or email moreinfo@whistl.co.uk. You can also view the videos explaining Mailmark in more detail.


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