Whistl becomes fully RSQS registered

August 2021

Whistl, the UK's leading logistics specialists in e-fulfillment, contact centers, mail, and parcels, has become fully registered on the RSQS supplier qualification system.

The RSQS (Retail Suppliers Qualification System) is a cross-sector collaboration, compliance solution within the retail sector that reduces the time, cost, resources, and duplication needed when providing information to this sector.

The accreditation mark is valued by some of the largest purchasers in the retail industry as it provides confidence and assurance to potential buyers that a supplier is complying with a minimum set of standards including corporate responsibility, sector-specific legislation, information security, and GDPR.

We are delighted that we can demonstrate through RSQS our ability to provide assurance and confidence to the retail industry, demonstrating compliance to regulators, internal policies, and governance controls.

Nick Wells | CEO Whistl

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