Whistl win Silver at COGS

September 2015

Whistl Doordrop Media has won Silver in the Direct Marketing category in recognition for its work with long-term client, Hillarys, the made to measure specialist. The award win was announced at Institute of Promotional Marketing annual COGS awards ceremony held in London.

The COGS Awards recognise the huge contribution made by marketing services providers to the success of promotional campaigns. 

The award winning campaign centred on Whistl’s intelligent use of data analytics to strengthen the audience targeting model in conjunction with high-quality creative to improve campaign efficiency, ensuring Hillarys continues to maximise their doordrop media investment.

The award entry explained how Whistl had examined historical customer enquiry and sales data to target a profile of customers with a high propensity to engage with the Hillarys brand.  This profile was overlaid to optimise Newshare coverage to pinpoint the most valuable sectors with the greatest potential to generate new leads.

In addition, a higher quality creative was used and, combined with highly tactical Newshare coverage, created a premium brand experience showcasing the Hillarys wide range in the low pressure home environment.

Mark Davies, Managing Director of Whistl Doordrop Media, said:

“This award win recognises our commitment to working collaboratively with our clients to continually improve the return on investment in the doordrop medium. In a complex marketing landscape, intelligent doordrop continues to be a cost effective channel for clients who want to engage customers with premium in-home experience.”

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