Royal Mail COVID-19
Business Incentive 

An incentive to support brands and sectors that have been most impacted by the restrictions on social movement caused by Covid-19

What is the Covid-19 Incentive?

Whistl is offering this incentive on behalf of the Royal Mail, the incentive is designed to assist businesses with directly engaging with customers and prospects and to provide a much-needed boost to their trading and advertising activity.  

For example:

  1. You are a high street retail outlet looking to drive customers to your website to boost online sales
  2. A charity seeking an uplift in donations*
  3. Any mailing from a brand to vulnerable customers to support their physical or mental wellbeing.

Under this incentive, you can send Advertising Mail, Responsible Mail, and Partially Addressed Mail volume to achieve postage credits to be used on future postings**.  

*incentive eligibility criteria

**Subject to terms and conditions

You will be awarded eligible postage credits at the end of the incentive period. 

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How does the incentive work?

For Advertising Mail sent as part of the incentive:

  • Using Royal Mail's Mailmark service
  1. 70 admail mailmark letters and large letters
  2. 70 greenpost mailmark letters and large letters
  3. 70 partially addressed letters and large letters
  4. Access 1400 letters only if the items are unwrapped or poly-wrapped
  • All items should be presented in a tray, for 1400 unwrapped or poly-wrapped items they can also be presented in a bag or in bundles
  • Posted for a purpose set out in the Content Guidance Document.
  • Postage credits will be awarded for mailing volumes which equal or exceed 20,000 items and no more than 1 million items that Royal Mail has confirmed are eligible for the incentive
  • Whistl as your access provider will be charged at the current Access price, and you will be awarded eligible postage credits at the end of the incentive period for each qualifying mail item that has been verified by Royal Mail

When is the incentive running?

  • The posting window for this incentive is 6 May 2020 until 31 December 2020.
  • Please note that you must submit your application before 11 December 2020 to be considered for participation in the incentive.

Campaign Volumes

  • Volumes have to be equal to or exceed 20,000 items
  • BUT must be no more than 1 million through the incentive period

Terms and Conditions 

Application for the incentive

If you are interested in this incentive or would like to find out more about how to apply, please speak to your Account Manager for more details and next steps. 

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