Boost staff morale with Hybrid Mail

March 2019

Balancing a busy work life and personal life means that employers need to prioritise employee wellbeing to make it easier to attract and retain new talent.  

With a happy and fulfilled workforce, productity can be improved as employees tend to be more loyal, with businesses having lower rates of absenteeism which means they can provide much higher standards of customer service – all of which have a direct financial benefit to your organisation.

New routes to wellbeing 

While traditional approaches focus on salary and benefits, training and development opportunities and employee assistance schemes for example, there are other small changes businesses can make that involve minimal financial cost but make a big difference.  These include; creating comfortable and engaging workspaces, reducing unnecessary noise and encouraging employees to exercise or simply move more throughout the day.

Another relatively easy and inexpensive way to boost employee morale is to find a way to remove the repetitive, monotonous tasks that not only demoralise them but divert them from more valuable, challenging and enjoyable work.

Beaten by the post?

Many of your employees will create, print and send a range of small volume or ad hoc communications as part of their day-to-day activities. These documents are sent to printers, collected, folded and inserted in envelopes, franked and mailed.

Xerox suggests it takes an employee 3-5 minutes to print, frank, seal and post a document/letter like this. This might not seem like much but when you multiply that across the number of communications your business sends every day, it soon becomes clear how disruptive and resource intensive these repetitive administrative tasks can be.

More importantly, because they take employees away from the jobs they are employed to do, they can contribute to reduced wellbeing, poor morale and can even lead to stress and anxiety.

There is a way to relieve this burden from your workforce.


Your desktop to doormat solution 

Hybrid Mail is a simple online print and post application that automates the output of office documents generated on a day-to-day basis.

Documents are created in the same way before being uploaded to the Hybrid Mail application where a document background is selected, enclosures can be added and colour, print and postage preferences are selected. Then it’s over to us to do everything else.

As long as you get your documents to us by 4pm, we’ll print and post them the same day in a secure ISO27001 accredited environment. What’s more, there are no minimum or maximum volume requirements so you’ll only ever pay for what you send.

Benefits of Hybrid Mail

  • Boost staff morale

  • Free up employees’ time so they can focus on higher-value tasks.

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Facilitates flexible/homeworking arrangements

  • Reduce print and postage costs

  • Improve overall organisational efficiency and productivity

  • Enhance brand consistency

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