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Whistl becomes an Ad Net Zero Supporter

October 2021

Whistl the UK's leading logistics specialists in e-commerce fulfilment, contact centres, mail, and parcels, has become a supporter of the Advertising Association Ad Net Zero initiative.

The scheme which was launched at the end of 2020 requires participants to reduce the carbon impact of developing, producing, and running UK advertising to real net zero by the end of 2030 and commit to making practical changes in the way they run their advertising operations.

The scheme is based upon 5 key actions:

  • Getting your house in order - advertising business operations
  • Curbing emissions from advertising productions
  • Curbing emissions from media planning, buying, and distribution
  • Curbing emissions through awards and from events

Harnessing advertising's power to support consumer behaviour change

On joining the scheme, Whistl has committed to take steps to put in place the Ad Net Zero Action Plan within the next twelve months relating to its advertising services including Admail, Partially Addressed Mail and Doordrop Media.

A key statistic of the impact on the environment is that every person within an advertising agency produces 3.4tonnes of CO2 per year, 58% of which comes from business travel.

The UK hosting the COP26 is a timely reminder of the number one issue affecting us all in how we live and work. 


We have an important role to play and despite paper-based advertising being one of the most sustainable forms of communication, we cannot be complacent. I look forward to working with the team to implement our Ad Net Zero Action plan in the coming year.

Nick Wells | CEO Whistl

Ad Net Zero is a not-for-profit initiative, led by the Advertising Association and its members.

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