Why Outsource Your Business Contact Centre Services 

Outsource your contact centre operations with Whistl, helping you save time, money and enhance your customer experience with proactive multi-channel support.

Enhance your customers experience with dedicated contact centre support. With a focus on quality and attention to detail, your brand is in safe hands with outsourced contact centre support from Whistl. All of our contact centre services are tailored to the needs of your business, whether you need a call centre solution for inbound calls or support and management for all customer communications with a contact centre operation, we have solutions to support your business.

From the initial enquiry, our team will work closely with your business to identify and deliver a solution to your requirements, ensuring that your business objectives are met, so we deliver a first-class outsourced customer service solutions.

Our recent research into what do your customers want from a contact centre uncovered there were four standout frustrating aspects of a typical call centre:

  1. Listening to a recorded message on a loop
  2. Lack of knowledge from the agent
  3. Long greeting messages
  4. Script reading

Whistl works with you and relevant business stakeholders to ensure your customers receive professional and seamless customer service, to improve customers trust and loyalty, so you can continue to focus on your industry sector position. When you outsource your customer service or call centre support to Whistl, we work with your business to reflect the right level of customer ethos, ethics and emotional connections, we take the time to provide the right training and learn all relevant aspects of the business. Our onboarding process ensures that we mirror the levels you would expect of your internal staff before we communicate with your customers. 

Whistl’s UK-based contact centres provide a best-in-class customer experience on your behalf, giving your business happy customers on every call.

Whistl technology solutions create easy integrations, so we can start dealing with your increased call volumes on your behalf, sooner 

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What is call centre outsourcing?

Call centre outsourcing is the process of deploying a third-party organisation to handle all or some of your contact centre and customer service operations. Businesses often outsource some, or all elements of their customer service and supply chain management to mitigate risk by leveraging a provider that has extensive experience and a laser focus on call centre excellence. 

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Make it easy for your customers to contact your business

Our outsourced contact centre services solutions mean your customers can reach someone even in peak periods, keeping customers happy and loyal. Organisations offering a range of communication channels must take into account customers' preferences for communication. This will allow your customers to choose the route they prefer, which in turn improves their customer satisfaction. However, with a range of communication channels, all routes must be managed effectively so customers are not kept waiting.

Did you know:

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Why work with Whistl?

Our people are our greatest asset. In an industry synonymous with high levels of staff churn, our inbound multi-client contact centre boasts an average tenure of over 9 years. Our experienced customer service and contact centre teams have built up an enviable amount of experience, working across a number of industry sectors on multiple campaigns.

We’ve won awards for our culture, and our commitment to employee engagement, people development, and best practice has delivered long term benefits to our clients.

As a result, we also boast industry-leading client retention of up to 14 years

Our clients know that the team we train to manage their campaign is stable and that the knowledge and skills they equip our agents with will be retained for the long term.

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Creating the right experience starts with the right team

We work to the following steps to both acquire and retain a stable, knowledgeable, and skillful team of contact centre agents.

  • Recruitment: We work to recruit the right personalities and characteristics for our clients and industry sectors from the application and interview process.
  • Investment: We continually invest in our employees, with the right development and education to ensure the right level of support and progression for each individual. 
  • Engagement: We continuously work with human resource, training, and leadership teams to ensure wellbeing, culture, and commitment is provided to all our employees. 
  • Open: Our regular employee reviews allow for areas of improvements and issues to be addressed and resolved, this allows for a strong level of support, which remains consistent 

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Whistl helps a broad range of industry sectors to meet a variety of business objectives

Whistl works with a variety of brands, retailers, e-commerce operators across a number of differing industry sectors to provide customer excellence, at every stage of the customer journey. When you choose Whistl as your outsourced contact centre partner you gain from our experience in order handling, complaint resolution, to complex customer service projects including fraud prevention and back-office support.

With our team of multi-skilled and experienced agents, we offer the right solutions to manage your customers' interactions. From our a dedicated desk of agents to shared multi-client support or just dealing with an overflow of calls we have the right solutions for your business needs.

Outsourced Contact Centre Services

Whether you require a dedicated team for all enquiries, or you need help managing peak periods, our inbound customer service management could be the solution to all these challenges

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