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Contact Centre solutions for eCommerce Retailers

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Retail and e-Commerce Contact Centre Solutions

Consumer power is increasing with access to more shopping platforms and buying choice than ever before. With multiple ways to find a solution to a purchasing need, retailers must hold a strong position to secure that all-important sale.

As a retailer, the right advertising and promotion of your business will aid in creating more demand for your products. Meeting the need of your customers and ever-increasing orders, means the ability to get the right product to the right customer, on time, can require a lot of organisation and be very time-consuming.

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Whistl is helping customers all over the globe at this very moment. Our outsourced customer service team is answering customers' specific e-Commerce related queries. We understand that your business relies on your reputation and customer services to ensure that your online sales continue and we are helping e-Commerce businesses every day, with our tailored outsourced, e-Commerce customer service solutions.

Our recent research into what do your customers want from a contact centre shows that 14% of customers buying from retailers have stopped using a company due to poor customer service. Whistl help keep your customers happy and loyal by offering bespoke contact centre solutions tailored uniquely to your business and your customers' needs. We work with you to ensure your customers receive professional and seamless customer service, to improve their trust and loyalty, so you can continue to focus on your industry sector position. We van even offer solutions that can cater to your budget and number of queries received per day or week with either a dedicated call centre team or utilising our bureau call centre team on a shared basis.

Retail and e-Commerce Contact Centre Services

With outsourced customer services, we provide tailored solutions for your retailers and e-commerce business needs. Your customer calls are critical to your business and future sales and many of your team have multiple responsibilities.

Whistl takes the pressure off, so your teams can focus on their core responsibilities, while we look after your customer's queries and orders.

Examples of our e-commerce call services can include but not exclustive to:

  • Compliant Management
  • Customer Support (inc. product queries)
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Delivery Management
  • Email Support
  • Help Desk
  • Loyalty Program Management
  • Product Return Management
  • Social Media Support
  • Trustpilot Responses and Management 


Ecommerce Customer Service

Whistl technology solutions create easy integrations, so we can start dealing with your increased call volumes on your behalf, sooner 

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Outsourced Contact Centre Solutions for Online Retailers

We know that customer service is an essential part of the online shopping experience, so we have a professional, experienced and efficient customer service team ready and waiting to support your business, however, you need it.

  • Providing information about your products or services

  • Driving consideration with more detailed product information

  • Maximising revenue with secure payment infrastructure

  • Enhancing your customers’ delivery experience with detailed logistics and tracking information

  • Providing ongoing post-sale support for product queries, warranties, and returns, via phone calls or via multi-channels (social media, email, and live chat)

  • Increasing customer loyalty and driving further advocacy to improve your marketplace seller feedback or CSAT and NPS scores

Unsure of the support your business needs, Whistl works with you to understand your current and forecast call and contact volumes so we can manage your customers and suppliers more efficiently.  

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Technical Support

Increase the technical support available to your customers by outsourcing some or all of these calls to Whistl, We work closely with your business to ensure our call agents are trained to understand the customer's issues and determine how and if they can be fixed, to roll out specific technical services and solutions in your behalf.

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Bureau Call Centre

Whistl’s Bureau Call Centre is an ideal solution for managing lower or variable call volumes. For businesses that do not require a dedicated team of call agents on a regular basis, then create more cost efficiencies with our bureau team. Our bureau call centre call handling fees are based simply on your call volumes, giving pricing flexibility. 

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Dedicated Call Centre

Your business inbound call volumes have outgrown your internal team of call operators? Create more cost efficiencies in call management with Whistl's dedicated call centre team. Our agents are fully be trained to your specification. We also offer a dedicated solution, flexible to handle multiple contact channels with our contact centre solutions.

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Overflow Call Handling

Have your calls exceeded the capacity of your in-house call handling team? Or do you need to add further flexibility to handle peak periods of the day? Whistl offers a daily contact handling capacity as your trusted overflow partner. Our flexible teams can manage the calls that are not currently being answered effectively

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Direct Response Call Centre

Marketing campaign periods can be challenging to manage, with the invariability of the call demand against the campaign objectives. Whistl supports your business and each campaign, wherever you advertise, tracking campaign and conversion performance and ensuring your media campaigns deliver results.


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Out of Hours Call Handling

Does your business have fixed business hours for your customer service team? Whistl can support your customers, extending your operating hours or cater to customers in different timezones with our outsourced call handling solution, ensuring excellent customer service across all industry sectors. 

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Why Retailers and e-Commerce Companies Outsource Contact Centre Support to Whistl 

Whistl is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of retailers, as a business, we work across the complete lifecycle from advertising, fulfillment, and product deliveries to the end customers and supporting customer service needs with our contact centre solutions.

Benefit from:

  • Economies of scale 
  • Strong UK based team of skilled agents 
  • A proven track record with a number of retailers
  • Key reporting and analysis of customer behaviour 

We offer your business unparalleled customer service support with our UK based team of well-trained contact agents. With the latest technology and seamless integrations we can facilitate your needs quickly to meet your current contact challenges, whether your business needs inbound call support to cover holidays or sickness patterns or multi-channel contact support for emails, web chat, or social media, we are here to help. 


How Whistl has helped e-Commerce businesses in the Retail industry


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