Targeted Direct Mail

A tangible and targeted delivery channel

Our intelligent doordrop camapaigns are proven to drive acquisition and retention and add great value to an existing campaign by using geo-demographic targeting.

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Why doordrop works

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Highly Targeted

We combine multiple geo-demographic data sources to develop deep-dive consumer profiles, so you can be confident of a receptive audience every time.

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National reach

Our UK media base encompasses 27 million households, making intelligent doordrop one of the most effective broadcast channels at your disposal.

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Home Minds

Where better to influence decision makers than in their own homes – a low-pressure context in which consumers have the opportunity to engage on their terms.

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Profiling and targeting makes intelligent doordrop a cost-effective media choice by reducing wastage while yielding high recall and brand familiarity.

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A persuasive, informative or innovative doordrop can be an asset to any multi-media campaign. Use intelligent doordrop as part of the media mix to create valuable synergies.

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Fuels Acquisition

Intelligent doordrop is proven to drive acquisition online, in store and by phone by enabling advertisers to reach the right people with the right offer at the right time.

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Deepens Brand Engagement

Intelligent doordrop provides ample opportunities to encourage trial and retention through the inclusion of samples, recipes, trackable coupons and relevant offers.

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GDPR Compliant

Doordrop Media uses anonymised data sets allowing you to reach almost all 29 million UK homes without opt ins and mailing lists.

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Creative Freedom

By marrying impactful formats to compelling creative – whether bespoke die-cut, premium stock or stand-out design – you can dramatically improve brand engagement.

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