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Contact Centre Solutions for the Public Sector

Outsourced Public Sector Contact Centre Services

Whistl provides unique contact centre services to central, state, and local government sectors, enhancing the performance of your government unit, as a true extension of your team.

Governments are increasingly considering their responsibility to meet the general public’s expectations in a consumer-led environment. One of the biggest customer experience issues facing the government sector is managing population growth. People are living longer, due to advancements in medical research and technology, and in turn, the demand for high-quality, personalised care has increased, placing strain on internal government call centres.

Other key issues include the increasing customer expectations of personalised services and demands for secure and compliant data protection. The government itself, and related institutions have a vested interest to ensure this care is delivered cost-effectively and sustainably. In periods of high demand and public call traffic, authorities and organisations could benefit from outsourcing call centre services such as:

  • Inbound call centre - from call handling to social media monitoring. Our flexible contact centre services mean that you can scale your operation depending on seasonal demand.
  • Overflow call centre – extend your daily contact handling capability with flexible teams on hand during business hours and out of hours, with services to support extended business hours. 
  • Outbound call centre – we have helped national political parties measure loyalty and conduct supporter feedback.
  • Campaigns - We have carried out consumer surveys and supported customer data handling and verification on behalf of bodies such as the National Careers Service.

Whistl technology solutions create easy integrations, so we can start dealing with your increased call volumes on your behalf, sooner 

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Tailored Contact Centre Services for the Public Sector 

Many governments are trending towards “i-governments” and the provision of information that focuses on developing more intelligent, interactive customer experiences, tailored to individual needs.

By outsourcing contact centre support to Whistl, we will manage your department’s customer service operations with leading technology and integration-led systems. We work to complement your internal workforce and agencies, so you can enhance the general public’s customer experience whilst significantly reducing costs, by eliminating the need to hire, train and schedule your own call centre agents.

By leveraging the skills and resource of a business process outsourcer, or ‘BPO’, can increase your capability to handle overflow call volume, ensuring greater consistency of service and maximising business continuity.

Third party customer services

Dealing with an increased volume of calls or just need more customer service support. Your constituents and consumers will feel supported when you outsource to Whistl.

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Why outsource call centre services for your government unit?

Outsourcing your call handling can ensure queries are dealt with quickly and effectively during volatile periods such as election campaigns. Whistl’s outsourced call centre services create the required flexibility of operators to deal with all of your calls as a dedicated representative or as an overflow of a percentage of your calls from your in-house call centre team.

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Call Centre Services for the Public Sector:

Overflow Call Handling

Have your calls exceeded the capacity of your in-house call handling team? Or do you need to add further flexibility to handle peak periods of the day? Whistl offers a daily contact handling capacity as your trusted overflow partner. Our flexible teams can manage the calls that are not currently being answered effectively

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Dedicated Call Centre

Your inbound call volumes have outgrown your internal team of call operators? Create more cost efficiencies in call management with Whistl's dedicated call centre team. Our agents are fully be trained to your specification. We also offer a dedicated solution, flexible to handle multiple contact channels, with our contact centre solutions.


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Out of Hours Call Handling

Does your business have fixed business hours for your customer service team? Whistl can support your customers, extending your operating hours or cater to customers in different timezones with our outsourced call handling solution, ensuring excellent customer service across all industry sectors. 

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Whistl’s Contact Centre Services

With Whistl’s outsourced customer services we can provide tailored solutions for your public sector needs. We know that your calls and government enquiries are critical to your business, however many of your staff and teams have multiple responsibilities. Whistl can take the pressure off, so your staff can focus on their core responsibilities while we look after your calls.
Examples of our call services for the public sector can include:

  • Inbound customer service (query handling) for the general public
  • Business to Business communications with your suppliers
  • Government surveys and opinion polls (e.g. NPS scores)

With Whistl we work with you or your agency to create a bespoke customer contact centre solution, to ensure that your customer service levels are always strong, meaning your feedback scores are maximised. Whether you require a dedicated team for all your public sector queries, your office has reached capacity, or you need help managing peak periods, our inbound and outbound customer service management could be the perfect solution.

Whether you require a dedicated team for all enquiries, your office has reached capacity, or you need help managing peak periods, our inbound customer service management could be the solution. 

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Whistl’s contact centre services enhance the public’s experience

With the rapid implementation and a relentless drive for continuous improvement, Whistl contact centre services are fully PCI and GDPR compliant.

To meet the trend of consolidation towards larger, integrated contracts, Whistl uniquely provides a broad range of solutions to government and the public sector to complement Contact Centre services, such as Direct Mail or Doordrop Media and if you are looking to reduce your physical mailings we even have Digital Communication Solutions which allow seamless GDPR compliant integrations so you have more control on the cost, quality and efficiency of your digital or printed communications all via secure portals.

Whistl has helped government units such as major political parties and local councils meet objectives such as measuring NPS and CSAT, and our dedicated teams work to pre-agreed SLAs with a focus on increasing customer satisfaction through customer insight, giving you greater visibility of the general public’s interaction with, and perception of, your government unit.

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