Online Document Storage

The ability to create GDPR compliant documentation with Secure Portal and View My Doc, giving your customers password-protected and completely secure online access 

Secure Portal

The safe way for your customers to access multiple documents online, with log in security.

Technology is driving demand for consumer style, online communications and in your business you have important messages to communicate. Your role may well include ensuring communications can reach people wherever they are, with time-critical documents.

To ensure data integrity, you need a secure method of presenting your customers personal information. You may need to regularly communicate with your customers and you know they would value a history of everything you have sent them and to view additional details and information on their account.

Our ‘Secure Portal’ service creates an online vault, an application that presents current and historical documents, securely,  all in one place.

Whistl Secure Portal

Benefits of Secure Portal

  • On-demand access - 24 hours a day, from any Internet-enabled device: mobile, tablet, laptop and even games consoles!
  • Optimised for mobile - An app style viewing experience without the need to develop and maintain an app.
  • Designed for integration - Connects to established systems to automate business processes and increase response rates.
  • Encourages engagement - Present messages, news and a range of documents in one secure location people can access anywhere. documentation and mail management

View my Doc

The fast way to present a single document within a fully data protected online environment

If you need to present and store your documents online quickly and within a secure environment, online the ‘View my doc’ is the ideal solution.
Present your users and customers with their documents, in a protected online environment, whether they are at work, home or even waiting for the bus, your audience can access information from any online device.

No longer will you need to check email addresses for accuracy, your documents won't be held in spam or risk being intercepted by the wrong person. Importantly, for your time-critical communications, you can track each document to ensure it has been received and viewed, meaning you can then follow-up correspondence that needs urgent action.

And if your contact doesn't respond online, we can automatically print and send a copy document: to help you reach people more effectively.


Whistl View My Doc

Benefits of View my Doc

  • No registration required - Users view their document with a password created from memorable data you supply.
  • Reliable hosting - We ensure the document is available when your recipient wants to view it, from a secure personalised URL.
  • Controlled distribution - You define how long a document is visible and can withdraw it to comply with data protection requests.
  • Tailored alerts - Receive alerts for users who haven’t viewed your content: allowing you to prioritise follow-ups for appointments or documents needing an urgent response.


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