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Supporting the Entertainment and Leisure Industry with Mail and Postal services

Entertainment and Leisure Mail Solutions

 Whistl can help your business to communicate with your customers and potential customers with reliable mail and postal delivery.

Recent research from Mintel has shown that UK consumers are in pursuit of more experience-led activities. With concerts, theatres and other live music events seeing a real rise in ticket demand in the last few years.  

UK households are actively seeking out more local and national leisure activities as a family and with friends. More physical activities have seen a rise such as trampoline parks and assault courses. Group activities like tenpin bowling are back in fashion with operators improving their locations and creating a more general appeal, with improved food choices and additional activities to keep you on-site, such as live music and karaoke.

The future of the UK leisure market is predicted to be in great shape, with Brits forecast to spend an eye-watering £141 billion on entertainment and leisure by 2022.

With UK adults taking an average of 3.4 holidays a year in 2018, what to do and where to go on holiday has become more diverse in choice and value. With a rise in technology, emerging organisations such as Airbnb and comparison sites, the UK population has never had so many new ways to find solutions to their leisure needs.

Mail Management Services from Whistl

With a choice of delivery options available to suit your leisure business strategy from traditional mail services to digital solutions, we manage all of your business communications with a single point of contact and all within your campaign budget. So whether you need to send out an update to your customers on their pricing plan, an invoice or promotional communication about what is new, we have mail delivery solutions to suit.

We take away the hassle of sorting and sending your mail items, so you can save time and improve mailroom productivity. With the added security of tracking and proof of delivery to Royal Mail, we help your mail reach your customers’ front doors on time. Our high-speed sortation technology, national network, and reliable transport fleet mean you can count on Whistl to deliver for your day in, day out.

Mail Management Benefits

We can collect all your mail at a time that suits your campaign or communication needs and manage the full process through to delivery. Your items are in trusted hands as Whistl already manage and sort over 50% of the UK’s bulk business letter volume (before handing over to Royal Mail for final delivery).

Speak to us to find out how Whistl can support your business with our Mail management delivery solutions.

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Digital Communications provide flexibility to communicate with your customers, with no limitations.

With Whistl, we can even support your marketing or retention strategy with a suite of digital communication platforms, along with the more traditional physical mail delivery options. With consumers expecting more of a seamless experience from companies, throughout their journey, Whistl can help you to manage their exchanges with these digital platforms, so your business can accurately capture all interactions to inform subsequent communication needs.

Whistl offers everything you need for your business’s digital communications, from online document storage solutions along with PDF creative and delivery solutions. These services create true flexibility to communicate with your customers, with no limitations.

Send your customers updates on their events/holiday bookings, send overdue invoices or advise on paid deposit payments, all in one easy to access secure portal. Even increase revenue opportunities by encouraging further bookings or activities for pending entertainment or travel plans. Whatever you need to communicate and whoever to, we can provide your business with the right solutions.

Digital Communications

P&O Mail Case Study

In 2018 P&O ferries were awarded a DMA Award for their ‘Making people feel good about the Ferry’ direct mail campaign. The challenge for the campaign was to make ferry travel feel more aspirational, as the UK ferry market had seen a long term decline.

The creative of the campaign was centered on the customer and the challenge was to bring to life the choices and freedom available from the moment they boarded a P&O Ferry. Using both charm and intrigue, along with a tone and text that helped portray a feeling of freedom and flexibility, the campaign delivered an ROI of £44 and a 10% response rate. 

Read the full case study here

P&O Entertainment Mail Case Study Image.png


Speak to one of our Account Managers to find out more about Whistl's Mail management delivery solutions.

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Partially Addressed Mail

Whistl also offers a fully GDPR compliant option for our customers with partially addressed mail. Partially addressed mail or PAM offers the chance for entertainment and leisure companies to connect with their customers or potential prospects, influencing service selection and spending behaviour.

Campaign effectiveness is increased when audience profiling and insights are used to identify the right homes, that your leisure communication is to be sent too. PAM is an advertising mail option that is as compliant to GDPR rules, as an unaddressed door drop campaign.

86% PAM JicMail 2017-2018.JPG

GDPR compliant mail delivery

Partially addressed mail offers your business the ability to deliver a promotional marketing message in a GDPR world, as PAM is a form of direct mail, without the use of any personal data. Creatively items are 'partially' addressed using a generic name for your recipients such as ‘occupant’ and no personal identification data is used, within the targeting process or delivery of your campaign items. 

Whistl’s dedicated in-house insight and planning team will help you strengthen your audience profiles and plan a strong advertising campaign, to maximise your marketing results against your budget.

PAM Example Envelope

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