Direct Mail is on the up

December 2016

Direct Mail is on the up!

New research claims that nearly 500 million more mailings are being opened and read compared to three years ago, highlighting the power of Direct Mail with today’s consumers.  It’s predicted that the interaction with the 500 million direct mail pieces has potentially added £1.6 billion to the medium’s ROI.

In comparison to online interaction, direct mail is proving resilient in the changing media landscape and increasing scrutiny of online ad performance. The research reports that only 49% of online ads were actually classed as ‘seen’, and according to Google-Doubleclick the average click-through rate for an online ad is a very minimal 0.1%!

Why is direct mail on the up?

Well, more sophisticated targeting and correct addressing makes direct mail more appealing and relevant to consumers. Reducing the use of ‘Dear Homeowner/Occupier’ has had a positive effect on the opening rates and addressing better quality mail pieces to the recipient’s name encourages them to open and read it.

In the past marketers may have bombarded consumers with multiple mailings in the hope that frequency will prompt purchases. But with marketers now aiming to build a valuable relationship with consumers by changing their mail strategy, they will see improvements on ROI. With better quality campaigns, focusing on who the recipient is and what they are interested in, will boost them to tear open the mail piece and read the contents.

Since the release of Royal Mail’s ‘The Life Stages of Mail Visits’ report, marketers can now understand the attitudes of recipients receiving mail from different life stages. Whether they are young adults sharing accommodation to retirees who are living on income from pensions/investments, people of all ages like mail. This insight gives you the chance to really plan and execute your marketing campaign to your target audience. Being able to understand the type of recipient and how they react will make you produce a high quality specific mail campaign which you can be more confident that the recipient will open, read and act upon.  

Top targeting tips for key audiences:

  • Fledglings: adults living at home with their parents – Cut through the digital competition by targeting younger audiences using mail as a it is relatively new to them
  • Sharers: adults living in shared accommodation – Use doordrops which demonstrate intelligence and authenticity as this group are open to buildings relationships with brands
  • Couples: adults living together, no children – They respond to messages which involve their home, community and social life
  • Young Families: parents with children, primary age or younger – They are practical and focused on their parental roles, so content is likely to be more important than design
  • Older Families: couples with at least one child in secondary school – Provide value-driven content, such as vouchers and loyalty scheme messages
  • Empty Nesters: no longer have children at home, may live on their own or as a couple – Longer form copy is valued, and if relevant it is often read more than once
  • Older Retirees: living on income from pensions/investments – Provide content with multi-person appeal as mail, if relevant is shared with friends and younger audiences

At Whistl, we not only provide a service to collect, sort and process your mail for delivery, but we also have experience into how to reach your most valuable audience with your direct mail campaigns and doordrops (unaddressed mailers).

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