Data Capture and Cleansing Solutions and Market Intelligence

With data capture and market data insight, Whistl use intelligence to inform and improve your business objectives.

What is Customer Data Handling 

Customer data handling is the legitimate collection and recording of any of your customer's details, storage of their details and processing of their information. Your customers are making contact with your business and they are likely to be sharing key pieces of information via their chosen contact routes. This could be through telephone calls, text messages, email, webchat, or even social media channels. When outsourcing contact centre services, your business needs to ensure that the third-party of choice is handling your customer data in a GDPR compliant way and also allows your business to gain true insight into the behaviours of your prospects and customers.


What is the role of Contact Centres in Data Handling?

Technology continues to enhance the worldwide business landscape, as companies continue to innovate to maximise their potential ahead of their competitors.

Contact centres play a vital part in the collection of customer data to allow correct customer data analysis into the businesses feedback chain. The correct data capture service ensures that your company is making valuable customer data-led decisions.

Whistl offers a number of customer data handling services, to empower your strategic business decisions.

Our services can include:

  • Inbound Call Handling Services
  • Surveys, Market Research and Online Data Capture Management
  • Data Auditing & Data Modification
  • Customer Re-Engagement (forward address tracing, telephone connectivity validation,  and email validation)
  • Exit interview Data Analysis
  • Electoral and Voting Data Analysis  
Data capture solutions

A Cleaner CRM system 

Whistl's support can extend to data cleansing techniques, allowing for your organisation to maintain an up to date and accurate customer relationship management system. Our CRM data cleansing solutions can allow your business to increase sales opportunities, better understand customer patterns, and in-turn reducing unnecessary marketing costs.

The customer sits at the heart of your business, so your CRM system is your critical business intelligence. Whistl works with you to understand your customer service support and any data capture or CRM data cleansing support services required.

Whistl's CRM Data Cleansing Services can include: 

  • Removal of duplicate contacts
  • Outbound campaigns 
  • Deceased suppressions
  • Removing "gone-away’s" 
Personalised CRM systems

Why Outsource Contact Centre Data Handling Services to Whistl 

As with all of our contact centre support solutions, we offer a fully tailored service to your business. We work with you to understand your data capture needs for each contact method (call, email, text, web-chat or social media) to keep your Customer Relationship Management system both accurate and up to date.  

Whistl ensures that all of our agents are involved in regular training in all areas of contact handling and GDPR compliance and our contact centre management team carries out periodical checks of data access levels aligned to key policies. With an in-house insight and planning team, we even have the tools and technology to build useful profiles on customer interests and buying habits to inform future marketing decisions or sales opportunities.  

Whistl’s data capture processes ensure we are compliant and work with accuracy. With an extended team of call handling agents able to offer compliant data collection techniques, we can deliver more up to date customer contact information, market research, and insight into customer behaviours.  


The support Micro Scooters get from Whistl is truly amazing. They completely share our ethos of putting our customers first. They’ve also helped us hugely understand our customers through advanced reporting and systems. They’re an invaluable part of our team and most importantly, we know our customers are in good hands.

J. Easter, Head of Customer Service, Micro Scooters

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