Data Capture Solutions and Market Intelligence

With data capture and market data insight, Whistl use intelligence to inform and improve your business objectives.

Whistl's data capture services can provide you with insightful and priceless market intelligence to empower your strategic business decisions. 

Examples of our services include:

  • Inbound Call Handling Services
  • Surveys, Market Research and Online Data Capture Management
  • Data Auditing & Data Modification
  • Customer Re-Engagement (forward address tracing, telephone connectivity validation and email validation)
  • Exit interview Data Analysis
  • Electral and Voting Data Analysis
Data capture solutions

Maintaining an up to date and accurate CRM system increases sales opportunities, lowers wastage and reduces marketing costs. With CRM systems at the heart of your business intelligence, we can work with you to offer bespoke services to keep your Customer Relationship Management system up to date. Whistl's CRM Data Cleansing Services, can include: 

  • Removal of duplicate contacts
  • Deceased suppressions
  • Removing "gone-away’s"

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