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Customer Support Outsourcing

Why Consider Customer Support Outsourcing.

Your customers are the most important part of your business, so providing them with impeccable customer support and service should always be a business priority. Customer support aligned to your businesses KPIs may have periods of lower-than-standard service levels, for a number of reasons for example:

  • Reduced team capacity
  • Lack of training time
  • Old or dated systems
  • Reduction in service consistency
  • Inability to flex during peak periods

As your business grows your customer support team will get busier; if your team and resource levels are not aligned to the demand, this may affect your customers’ experience

Customer support outsourcing can help in many ways:

  • Maintaining the resource levels to meet customer service demand, to give your customers a consistently great service every time they contact your business.
  • Outsourcing can also aid in reducing call hold times, or response times to email and your social media messages. In turn, a well-resourced and experienced customer support team can increase customer satisfaction.
customer support outsourcing

Why outsource your customer support services, to Whistl?

Increase your customer support capacity 

Whistl’s customer support team are flexible and we can tailor our contact centre services to suit your business needs. Whether you need a dedicated team or would like to offset peak or seasonal periods with our shared bureau team, Whistl’s outsourced customer support staff are experts at dealing with customer service contacts and calls. Our flexible service also allows the benefit of scale, with the ability to adjust the level of outsourced support required for peak or quieter times, saving you money and reducing your customer hold times.

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Improve the quality and consistency of your customer service

As a business, customer loyalty and repeat business is often the result of excellent customer service. Whistl will work with your business to understand your required contact quality levels and ensure that each and every call or contact is handled with a consistent level of care. Our customer service team have an average tenure of 9 years and are truly experts at what they do. Each contact, whether this is a call centre call, or a response to an email, or social media message, is handled with the same outstanding service as the last. Making Whistl proud to be the UK’s leading provider of personalised contact centre solutions.

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Create cost-efficiencies from outsourced customer support services

Outsourced customer support services can reduce or remove the need for fixed employment costs. Your business will also benefit from reduced training costs which in turn minimises your contact centre overheads. Outsourcing is a cost-efficient way of expanding your call centre team, whilst keeping or improving your service levels.

Expand your customer support service team

Increasing your contact centre capacity by outsourcing your customer support services allows a greater level of service, reduced call and hold times, extended open hours, and more efficient responses across all required contact services. By outsourcing some or all of your customer support needs, you can be assured an increase in customer satisfaction rates. 

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Multi-channel Contact Centre Support Available

customer service support

Customer Services

Email Contact Support

Email Management

call centre

Call Handling Service

Live Chat

Live Chat Management

Social Media

Social Media Handling

Outsourced customer support solutions from Whistl include:

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