National and international services for unsorted non-machineable mail items

AllSort mail service from Whistl can improve time efficiencies and costs for non-machinable mail.

If you are an organisation sending unsorted, less time-sensitive, non-machinable mail either within the UK, overseas or to the Armed Forces, you can save time, money and hassle by sending your business mail with our AllSort service.

Whether it’s a handwritten letter, an oversized letter, a packet or parcel, and meets our minimum 250 items criteria, we will collect at a time to suit you then sort and deliver it within the specified timeframe.

AllSort is a reliable alternative to traditional sorting and franking helping improve your cost efficiencies and save your business time.


At a glance

  • National - 3 day service for unsorted letters and
    large letters
  • National - 3-7 day service for unsorted packets >1kg and parcels
  • International and BFPO - 4-8 day service
Business Mail Management

How you benefit

  • Easy-to-use
  • Guaranteed cost savings
  • Convenient collection times to suit you
  • One pick-up for all  items
  • No franking or stamping
  • No associated franking machine maintenance and service costs
  • Improved productivity in your mailroom
Mail Management Benefits


  • Sending over 250 pieces of less time-sensitive, non-machineable mail either within the UK, overseas or to the Armed Forces
  • Don’t meet our Premier (pre-sorted machineable mail) and PremierSort (unsorted machineable mail) criteria
  • Suitable for both Advertising  and Transactional mail
Sorted Mail Services

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