Overflow Call Handling and Out of Hours Contact Centre Support

Struggling to manage sharp rises in call traffic, with peak promotional periods or seasonality?

Minimise staffing costs, with our overflow call handling services

Many customer service departments suffer from variable contact volumes where customer calls can be missed on a regular basis, or at peak trading periods.

This could be due to high call volumes during busy times or being met by an unhelpful voicemail service outside of operating hours. Why take the risk? Negative customer experiences are much more likely to be advertised and this situation is completely avoidable.


Benefits of outsourcing overflow call handling

There are many benefits to providing 24/7 customer service to your customers. These include :

  • Never miss out on bookings, leads or service opportunities
  • Ensure complaints are handled professionally, at all times of the day. 
  • Offering world-class customer service 365 days a year
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Call volumes during operating hours will be more manageable
  • Less in-house resources needed
  • Professional and experienced customer service by Whistl agents
  • Customers can contact you via multiple channels if the phones are busy

Take comfort in the peace of mind that your customers are getting the help they require, at a time to suit them with Whistl’s out-of-hours overflow call handling services.


What’s the difference between overflow and out of hours answering services?

Whistl provides two types of call centre services to help you maximise your customer care, during times of increased volumes of call traffic. 

  • Overflow call handling services operate during either or both business and out of hours services to help you manage increases in demand.
  • Out of hours are designed to help you respond to more urgent queries outside of your business standard operating hours.

Out-of-Hours Call Handling services
A call handling service for out-of-hours call volumes is designed to help you respond to more urgent queries outside of your normal operating hours. This service is ideal for businesses that have a demand for customer service at a time that isn’t manageable for the business owner or customer service team. 

An outsourced out-of-hours call handling service is also ideal for businesses with international customers, to help with customer service at times that are more appropriate in other countries. 
Whistl can offer multi-lingual customer service agents if this is what is required for your outsourced customer service needs.

Outsourced Contact Centre Services

Overflow call handling services

Overflow call handling services are intended to assist your call agents when your call volumes surpass your internal resource availability. To prevent customers from dropping off the line due to long wait times, many businesses use overflow call handling service providers to get some extra ears on the phones during peak periods.

Overflow services can operate during business hours in addition to your existing call handling facilities, or outside of operating hours to help you manage increases in demand.


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