Overflow Call Handling Services 

Struggling to manage sharp rises in call traffic? Give your clients the best experience and minimise staffing costs with overflow call handling

Many customer service departments suffer from variable call contact volumes. And when this occurs many customer calls can be missed. Dependent on your business and the industry sector that you operate within, the demand for calls being missed could be on a regular basis, or may even be during your critical peak trading periods.

After all, not all businesses want to, can afford to or have the office space to have members of staff dedicated just customer call handling duties. 


What is an Overflow Call Handling Service

Your business may already have an in-house team of call agents that meet most of your customers calls needs, however, there may be holiday periods, peak hours of a day or more seasonal busy periods where call numbers increase above the average and your customer’s calls are not being answered efficiently or effectively.

These calls might be for general enquiries, customer support or more technical helpdesk support needs. 

Whistl offers your business a UK based call centre solution, where you can outsource a proportion of your business calls. We work with you to understand your typical call rates and overflow needs and fully train our call agents so that the service we deliver is aligned to your internal team. Whistl experienced call centre team will ensure that all your customer calls are handled effectively.

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Whistl's UK Overflow Call Handling Service

Outsourcing your UK overflow call handling to Whistl means that your customers are not held on call waiting or caught up in lengthy automated systems. 

Negative customer experiences are much more likely to be advertised and this situation is completely avoidable with outsourcing overflow call handling. So why take the risk.  

  • Reduce abandonment rate of calls
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Cost efficiencies

Making provisions for your customers to reach your business and dealing with their questions and queries will definitely boost your customer trust and ultimately, your company will utlimately profit.

Overflow Call Handling

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Whistl's outsourced overflow call handling services can include:

Booking Lines

Create first-class support for ticket, travel, event, and sales booking lines. Our call centre agents work as an extension to your box office support and with seamless integrations, we can ever work directly from your booking portals to improve registrations, ticket sales and even resolve specific customer queries, as they arise. 

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Technical Support

Increase the technical support available to your customers by outsourcing some or all of these calls to Whistl, We work closely with your business to ensure our call agents are trained to understand the customer's issues and determine how and if they can be fixed, to roll out specific technical services and solutions in your behalf.

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Bureau Call Centre

Whistl’s Bureau Call Centre is an ideal solution for managing lower or variable call volumes. For businesses that do not require a dedicated team of call agents on a regular basis, then create more cost efficiencies with our bureau team. Our bureau call centre call handling fees are based simply on your call volumes, giving pricing flexibility. 

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DRTV Call Centre

Marketing campaign periods can be challenging to manage, with the invariability of the call demand against the campaign objectives. Whistl supports your business and each campaign, wherever you advertise, tracking campaign and conversion performance and ensuring your media campaigns deliver results.


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Retail Customer

With the ability to buy products in-store on online, your customers may require product and order tracking or a returns service, and order support for online shoppers. Improve their experience, Whistl offers tailored retail solutions for your customers with additional support such as live chat management. 

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Out of Hours Call Handling

Does your business have fixed business hours for your customer service team? Whistl can support your customers, extending your operating hours or cater to customers in different timezones with our outsourced call handling solution, ensuring excellent customer service across all industry sectors. 

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How do Whistl's Overflow Call Handling Services work?

Whistl’s UK call centres can operate during business hours in addition to your existing call handling facilities; outside of operating hours; or of course whenever you need in order to help you manage increased call volumes.

Our experienced and dedicated customer service agents are trained up to your exacting standards in order to deliver support to your customers. We even offer a train the trainer program to you, to ensure all KPI's are being met.  

Whistl’s call handling solutions are built bespoke for each customer. Whistl can provide:

  • Bespoke marketing campaigns to support peak call volumes linked to promotional activity
  • Multi-channel customer service allowing customers to contact you in the way that is best for them
  • Customer insights with actionable data to improve business activities and customer trends
  • Reporting systems allowing your business to be informed of activities as they happen
Benefits of Overflow Call services

Whistl can also offer multi-lingual customer service agents, when receiving calls from international customers

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Benefits Overflow Call Handling with Whistl

  • Never miss out on a booking, lead or service opportunity
  • Cost-efficient, with less in-house resource required
  • Complaints handled professionally by a team that is fully trained for sudden high-call-volumes 
  • World-class customer service 365 days a year
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Professional and experienced customer service by Whistl agents

Take comfort in the peace of mind that your customers are getting the help they require, at a time to suit them with Whistl’s overflow call handling service.

Benefits of Overflow Call services

Does your business need overflow call handling?

Overflow call centre services are ideal for businesses that have a demand for customer service at a time that isn’t manageable for the business owner or customer service team. 

An outsourced overflow call handling service is also ideal for businesses with international customers to help manage variations in call volumes from other countries. After all, it’s sometimes difficult to predict when call volumes might peak in your own region, let alone across multiple countries.


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