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Cross-Dock Fulfilment Solutions

Cross-docking services are traditionally offered to clients and suppliers looking to fulfil pre-sold and pre-packed products or goods.

With Whistl, our cross-dock fulfilment service is more flexible, allowing for goods to be received and processed of a consignment that is either 100% pre-sold or has a percentage of the goods sold.

Traditional cross-docking focuses on the removal of the cost and time for items to be stored, allowing for despatch times to be minimised for the supplier and the end customer. With traditional cross-dock, this process is often only offered for a complete consignment of pre-sold goods. 

Tailored Cross-Dock Fulfilment Process, from Whistl:

With Whistl, our cross-dock fulfilment process is more flexible and is tailored specially to our client’s needs, their SKUs and product purchase cycles. Whistl manages the process completely, working with our clients based on each consignment, to understand any pre-sold percentages (instead of 100% sold consignments) for immediate despatch and inventory stock needs.

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Whistl’s cross-dock fulfilment clients include:

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Creating an efficient cross-dock solution:  

With a single scanning process, Whistl ensures that the following processes are captured, to improve cost efficiencies and speed of product despatch:

  1. Recording the receipt of the items, within each consignment
  2. Understand pre-sold orders and unsold goods
  3. Unsold goods are moved to stock for future orders
  4. Create customer orders for pre-sold goods ready for despatch
  5. Print the relevant carrier labels (based on the client or customer preferences for despatch)
  6. Send despatch notifications to our client for goods despatched
  7. Send carrier notifications for the end customer via either the client or carrier (based on preferences)

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The Advantages of Whistl’s Cross-Dock Solution

When you choose Whistl to manage your fulfilment operation, we work with your business to understand your products, sales patterns and inventory management needs. We know that sometimes factors change and that your forecasts for product sales can change. By outsourcing your fulfilment to Whistl, we manage the cross-dock fulfilment of both pre-sold goods and any unsold stock inventory, for future sales.

Benefits from Whistl's cross-dock fulfilment solution include:

  • Product handling efficiencies, including cost savings on re-packaging, warehouse storage and inventory management.
  • Transparent goods handling process with improved automation of scanning and despatch.
  • Quicker customer deliveries, through improved despatch times. With sold goods being received and despatched within one day.


The Complete Fulfilment Process, from Whistl

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